Lorenza Jones Interview

Lorenza Jones is a solo artist who plans to make plenty of great music. Lorenza joined Blessed So Records to expand his music reach and to share the gospel with the masses. He started singing at an early age. He states that “He was born with this gift and talent, from the Lord and that he not only sings, but writes his own material as well”. His early musical influences include Shirley Murdock, The Williams Brothers, and members of the Guiding Light Church. In addition to writing his own music, he writes the arrangements, which allows him to explore many genres of music. This skill set ensures that his music always has a unique sound and is well represented. Lorenza is also a minister and works extensively with his church.



We sat down with the Alabama native, urban gospel singer to find out more about his musical journey and what inspire him.

What is your artist name?

Lorenza Jones

What is your music genre?

Urban Gospel

Where are you from?

Birmingham, Alabama. The state that is full of major history.

How long have you been practicing your craft?

Quite a long time now. Approximately 27 years.

What made you want to be an artist?

I was always a singer. I would constantly sing around the house and even started a band with my siblings, but singing in church is what prompted me to take it to another level. I felt I needed to get my music out to the world.

Describe your first time performing?

My first time actually performing was at my high school talent show. The response from the audience was such a great and positive response. It was truly amazing!

What music or artist influenced you?

I started off as an R&B Artist, so people like Jeffrey Osborne and James Ingram influenced me tremendously.

Earliest memory involving music?

My earliest most impactful memory is touring with Gerald Levert and Peabo Bryson. Although, I sing strictly gospel now, this was where I started.

How did music influence you growing up?

I had my mind set on joining the military, but music kept me here and I although that would have been noble, I believe I made the right choice of sticking to my music.

How would you best describe your music? 

Some refer to it as having a R&B sound, but my message is always clearly and consistently about Christ.

What do you think is the biggest misconception you hear about your music? 

The biggest misconception would be that some classify it as “old school.” I say it is timeless!

What is your typical songwriting process like?

Normally, I get a melody in my head and record it on my cell phone. Then I head to the studio, pick up an instrument and it goes from there.


How did you come up with the song Zion?

I preached a sermon entitled Zion, so the message itself was already a part of me. So it was basically just setting it to music.

What made you decide to release this song as a single?

It was basically the decision of the record label. Although we chose another song in the beginning. When they asked me about changing it, it had already been confirmed in my spirit and we went with it.

What can you tell us about your latest project?

It is filled with songs that speaks to the heart and spirit of a person.

What do you think is the vibe of the album?

A very positive vibe indeed. The songs take you to a place of soul searching and it provokes you into thinking, and not just feeling the melody. I believe it has a vibe of promoting change.

What do you hope fans and listeners take from it?

I believe that they will walk away with hope, joy and peace. Things that are lacking in the world today. I want them to know, that no matter how far they may feel like they are from God, that they can always come to Him. He is just waiting for them to make the decision to do it.

Do you have any shows coming up? 

May 25th was the debut of my single in Alabama, but will be getting on the road very soon traveling across the country. Nigeria, Africa is already asking for me. So, I am looking forward to all the great things ahead.

What is the best way for fans to get in contact with you?

Please contact Blessed So Records at blessedso.promo@gmail.com or the website at www.blessedsorecords.com.