420Bastardboy Artist Spotlight

​Born in the era of NWA gangster rap & the war on crack cocaine comes a small town artist with a sound that is making a major impact. Born in Nacogdoches, TX. On Dec,23rd,1988. Deon Montrell Johnson aka 420Bastardboy is a musical artist and actor from Jacksonville, Texas. Started off while in the womb of his mother hearing Micheal Jackson. He always had a passion for sounds, his cousins use to visit from Houston and they begun honing his skills at the young age of three. Pretending he was a musician. He got his first rap name TallBastard when rapping at school lunch circling number of classmates. He would chant out loudly; “its the TallBastard” in freestyles to entertain the crowds. In 2010 finding himself to be a heavy ganja smoker the legalization activist he put 420 in front of bastard as for legalization movement & the stoner community.


His first underground mixtape at 15 “Mic Rippa of Texas” sold over a thousand copies the first week in his hometown. He has established a fan base by promoting & selling his Freestyle Cds. Inspired by Tupac, Biggie, Jermaine Dupree, UgK, Bone Thugs. Also by his Cousin, the retired NBA Legend Larry Johnson. His dream was to play sports in high school & follow his families footsteps, but family altercations, gang violence and bad choices kept him in the wrong path. So instead he focused on music as a gateway to escape. His three mixtapes “Kkk5”, “Dank6” and “Dank Vol.2” have amassed a large numbers of downloads on music platforms such as HotNewHipHop, Soundcloud, Hulkshare and Datpiff. Reaching over 30k+ Listens & Downloads. He still continues to bring divers flows, catchy metaphorical punchlines and wordplay. 420Bastardboy has open for major artist such as; ESG, Lil Whyte, Young Buck, Slim Thug, Ogronc, Gorrila Zoe, Juicy J, Trina and Charlieboy.
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