Q And A Interview With TruDat SixHunnid

The southern rapper known as TruDat hails from Enterprise Alabama. Clearly a talented energetic high paced rapper, he won the low country awards 2015 artist of the Year as well as being nominated for two awards here in 2016. He cites his main influences as the hip hop artists he spent his youth listening to. He honed his skills as a rapper by entering writing,and emceeing along side Dj disicple claiming his first spot in sc hiphop history. While at job corps in Morganfield, KY. studying electricity he was working on his craft as an MC. After finishing and coming back S.C. only to lose his baby sister (shanita) and aunt (bonita) he was hell bent on making it to ensure his mom, niece, nephew, and kids were taken care of. Through finding himself again after so much lost he made the acquaintance of Kidd Cosmo. They went on to produce a concept album together that spawned A hit street record Song, released on MR.CAROLINA 2:SUPACAROLINALISTIC.A couple of years after leaving new money records, TruDat began to seriously concentrate his efforts on his music career. He launched his own label ,joined CmCt and released Wish a nicca would and lets get right. The buzz around this new talented down south rapper started to build and influential music industry insiders including Pastor troy, Bloodraw and Beanie Seigal, also The Streets, Atlantic, sony, slipnslide and savagelife were sitting up and taking notice. Savagelife signed TruDat to their promo label SupaUnit, and the first port of call for was to release a response to the hit of that summer, Mo Money. His version, Vile, really got people talking. He then released his first serious track on his label, SixHunnidDemons and then re-released Lawd Knowz. This was closely followed by the radio and club hit Record Deal in the summer of 2014. By then, TruDat was really building up a reputation as the one to watch in rap and hip hop. Also U go girl. His impressive video for the single won the Best Low Budget Video accolade at the C2C Awards that year.TruDat SixHunnid has continued to grow as an artist and he has been working with producers including jacob lethal and weatherman beats. He is now signed to 600WaYz Ent. and is ready to enter the mainstream with such releases as, 600 degreez & SixDaRuler the album.


We sat down with TruDat SixHunnid. The determined and focused, hip-hop artist. From South Carolina, to find out more about his story. What motivates him to continue to grind hard and follow his dream, of success in the music industry.

What is your artist name?

TruDat SixHunnid.

What is your music genre?

Hip-hop,rap,rnb, & hickhop.

Where are you from?

Enterprise Al, by way of Kingstree, SC. Now residing in Myrtle Beach, SC.

How long have you been practicing your craft?

Since 2008.

What made you want to be an artist?

My mother she use write and rap to me as baby from growing up listening to Low rider, Egyptian lover, Prince, any oldie but goodie and etc.

Describe your first time performing?

Eager, nervous, excited and just ready.

What music or artist influenced you?

My mom,2pac ,biggie,Ugk,Out last,Pastor Troy and DMX.

Earliest memory involving music?

Dancing anywhere and everywhere I heard low rider lmao that was joint. 


How did music influence you growing up?

It saved I had two mom’s Thomesena Jenkins and Bonita Jenkins music was my father it’s the only day I ever knew.

How would you best describe your music? 

Dirty south energetic ,art of Story telling,lite bars,nasty mouth muahf**ker lmao.

What do you think is the biggest misconception you hear about your music? 

I don’t think I hear one.

What is your typical songwriting process like?

I write songs in 45mins maybe 2 a day.

What inspires you to keep grinding and working on new music? 

Because everyone claims to be so bad but I showed what bad is that’s why I broke a million playz on SoundCloud. Cuz, I been working at it ever since I came to this planet ain’t quite dere but I’m getting better at it.

How do you decide what song to release as a single?

It needs to be catchy. Have a great vibe. I get input from my producer.

What can you tell us about your latest release? 

It’s best to date but don’t start there follow my journey then pick up here on “Book of Six Ch.3 ” the first 2 chapters sets it all up.

What do you think is the vibe of the album? 

It’s classic once you give it a listen you won’t stop.

What do you hope fans and listeners take from it?

My struggle my pain my glory never give up all we got is time.

Do you have any shows coming up? 

Apr22nd Raleigh NC -i love being From the south tour Presented by My Classy and the The Grammys award and fashion show Presented by Abla.

What is the best way for fans to get in contact with you?

Instagram: @6ankRollShawty or www.6ixhunnidwayz.com.


Building an Artist Team


With success comes responsibility. Hopefully as you progress in your career this will become the case. As you grow, the demands of “wearing multiple hats” will become too much work. It will be time to bring in more help. As you build a fanbase, you should assemble team members who do an exceptional job filling essential roles and bring them on as these jobs become too much to handle. Everyone has to be on the same page and doing a good job for you to be successful, so you want to find team members who are as excited and talented as you are. You want to find passionate, self-motivated and talented people to fill each role.

Musicians – Until you build a fanbase and can afford to pay people to do most of these jobs, you’re going to have to do them yourself. The musicians you work with are a crucial part of the team and will be responsible for many of these roles until you can afford to bring in other people. This is how you’ll get things done when you’re starting out and keep your costs down. It’s also important to note that if any of the musicians you work with aren’t too wild about doing this work, the rest of the team may start to lose excitement as well. It’s extremely important for the musicians involved to keep their heads up, take on their roles and keep the ship moving forward with enthusiasm so that all other members of the team feel motivated to do their jobs. Otherwise, they will find a more motivated set of musicians to work for and gain greater returns from.

Recording Engineer/Producer – While musicians will change this up from record to record, having a constant person who can help you record, mix and master your songs is a plus. A producer will create the foundations of your songs and also help guide your vocal performances. Learning to do many of these duties for your own music is extremely helpful.

Graphic Design – While musicians will use the talents of many different designers for various duties throughout their careers, it’s smart to employ one person who can deal with the many graphic needs you’ll have. Websites, advertisements, stickers, merchandise and album art all need graphic work. This can get expensive fast, so developing a relationship with a talented artist or learning to do it yourself is necessary.

Distribution – If you don’t sign to a label, you need to get a distributor for your music. Distributors get your music for sale in physical and digital outlets. Many distributors will work to get good placements for musicians who show promise and constantly promote their music. Developing this relationship can do a lot for you.

Videographer – If you’re going to do YouTube updates, acoustic videos, music videos or any other type of video content, someone is going to have to film and edit them. Getting your videos promoted can be a huge step in gaining more exposure. While promoting to traditional TV outlets is nearly impossible to do yourself, you can get around this by utilizing online video promotion–by far the strongest method for promoting videos today.

Manager – Whenever you get an opportunity, no matter where it comes from, it’s your manager’s job to maximize its potential. Your manager is the hub that connects your team together. They’re the go-to person to make sure everyone is on the same page and keep your strategy coordinated.

Your manager is also responsible for making sure your accounting gets done correctly, that everyone shows up at the right place and that your whole infrastructure is working well. It’s your manager’s job to make sure something gets done even if another team member is slacking off. In the next chapter, the many roles and duties of a manager are discussed more extensively. Your manager is by far the most important member of your team, outside of those you make music with.

Booking Agent – One of the hardest team members to find is a good, competent booking agent. Because of this, many musicians are forced to act as their own booking agents. Your booking agent will book your tours, take care of guarantees and submit you to get on tours with other acts. While this member of the team is usually hard to come by, taking this job seriously is do-or-die for a musician whose fanbase is built through live shows.

Lawyer – Once you’re making money and getting new opportunities, you’ll need a lawyer to take care of any contracts that come your way. In general, you’re going to want to deal with a single lawyer for all of your matters. Oftentimes, a band will sign a contract with a lawyer where the lawyer receives a fee on all earnings that the band makes through the lawyer’s help. A lawyer will also shop your music for record deals and licensing.

Keep in mind that there are many types of teams in music. First, establish your goals, identify your needs, and create a strategy for success that you can offer to any prospects. Discuss those goals with your team, be open to accepting their guidance, and commit to being the best part of the team you can be.


Sean Ennis is a Georgia base Talent Manager Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook. Contact: ennisproductions@gmail.com

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