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Loose Logic

Making music since high school, and inspired by Napster to pursue it because he thought he was better than a freestyle he had heard, Loose Logic has made quite an impression in the underground scene.  Clocking in at age 33, Loose Logic has released six full length projects.  But, rapping isn’t the end of is musical repertoire. Skills include piano, keyboard, songwriting, and composition.  These skills, along with the rush from the limelights, make making music a way of life for Loose Logic.

Inspired by others conquering great adversity, whether from book or movie, he looks to the legends to find his deeper self.  Not all of his inspiration comes in that form though.  Of course as an emcee he is inspired, in part, by the likes of Tupac, Bone Thugs, and Tech N9ne.  The majority of his drive to keep pushing comes from his fans.  The messages that say “Your song kept me from going over the edge,” or “Your song changed my life,” are what truly motivate him, much like the greats before him.

As an original member of The Fraternity, Loose finds deeper meaning involved.  In his own words, “it is a collective of extremely talented individuals. The Frat includes everything from beat makers and engineers to lyricists and vocalists. The Fraternity is a type of super group that contains highly skilled individuals with original and unique styles that somehow mesh perfectly on the same song together. The Frat is my extended family, supportive and competitive.”

And it is here that I reiterate to you on, Loose Logics behalf, Don’t ask to be in The Frat homie…..The vault is closed.  The Fraternity is so much more than music to those of us involved.  It is brotherhood.