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Jus Ra

Jus Ra.  The enigma of The Fraternity.  The only thing we know for sure about Jus Ra’s personal background is that he is from Flint, Michigan.  We don’t know his birth date. No clue as to his actual age.  His lyrical skill level would lead one to believe that he is as old as rhyme itself.  Jus Ra is probably not even his given name, just an assumed moniker.  Is he the sun god of Ancient Egypt revisiting the flesh?  

What we have been able to glean from sources about Jus is that he first appeared on the rap scene in early 2004.  Motivated to be the best, he twists words and metaphor like no other.  He is not out in the game seeking to be signed, he is seeking barber shop conversation, discussed in a manner similar to Jay-Z.  He seeks the recognition  of peers, not fans.  Fans come and go.  To be looked up to by the next generation of emcees, that is his goal.

In his own words, The Fraternity to him is, “A call back to a greater time.  The golden age of rap.  It is highly poetic.  A collection of highly talented writers.  We all portray different things, but the underlying element is skill.  We are skill.  We don’t have skill.  We are the Skill.”


Jus Ra: Blood Sacrifice

Jus Ra comes to us from Flint, Michigan.  Member of The Fraternity Music Group.  Layers on layers on layers.  “Blood Sacrifice” seems to me to be this cats Magnum Opus, his life work.  The production value of this album is nigh untouchable.  His bars, give him the right to use the name of the Sun God, Ra.  The content though. That is the most important aspect of this project.  There is a message hidden here, but like the Bible, it is for those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear.  Most of it seems to be a message to himself, on the first listen.  Listen to it again.  It will talk to you.

This is probably the most technically advanced album I have had the pleasure of reviewing, to this date.  The level of writing skill is unparalleled by mainstream hip-hop, yet consistent with everything else I have heard come from the vaults of The Fraternity.  Double entendres, metaphors, word play, symbolism.  This album should go down in the history books of rap as one of the best.

Tracks like Foreground Music are easy to relate to.  He speaks directly from his soul and skips his heart.  The Pairing of T.I.C. and T.O.C. give an insight to an educated mind.  This album is highly recommended.


5 Stars.  Go get this album.



Jus Ra: Blood Sacrifice