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Interview: Loose Logic

Take a second to check out Annexx513’s piece with Loose Logic.  Annexx513 can’t even take credit for writing this.  He asked the questions.  Loose Logic answered them.



By Aaron Brown

Age: 33 Location: Southern California/ Dana Point

What got you into music:

My first experience with creating music began when I started learning piano at a young age and continued as I picked up the guitar. Aside from a couple attempts at writing parody songs in elementary school, I did not start writing lyrics until my senior year of high school. What pushed me to try to create my own music was a combination of things. I had heard Ja Rule give an interview on Power 106 where he talked about giving up music altogether, and that just didn’t sit well with me. I remember thinking to myself “If I had the opportunity that he has I would never give that up. The second thing that pushed me to actually write my own song and record was hearing a couple fellow classmates record a freestyle over a…

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