Bounce Ball Boogie Interview


Underneath the streets of Denver, Colorado dwells a character that not to many are a custom to. With his smooth and piercing lyrical delivery, over trending rap and hip hop beats, this artist brings a new sound and flavor to the ears of the industry. Bounce Ball Boogie began his journey as a rap artist in the year of 1994, entering into many local talent shows and freestyle competitions and began a buzz of being an upcoming artist. Troubles with the law, and being brought up in a gang lifestyle, had Bounce Ball Boogie on the verge of loosing his freedom and very well possibly his life.

In the year of 2005, Bounce Ball Boogie had a vision of what is to come to all of human kind. This vision has inspired a series of LP releases that Bounce Ball Boogie is currently developing as of today. These releases will sum up a story that every living being would relate to in hope of spreading a message to those claimed to be lost. This message has Bounce Ball Boogie back in the studio and recording song after song in which will soon begin releasing towards the end of 2015.

After many underground releases, and touring throughout the Colorado Region. Bounce Ball Boogie earned the opportunities to open for many big named artists such as, KRS-ONE, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Lil Flip, Twisted Insane, just to name a few of the many. Bounce has traveled and performed in multiple states and is now gearing up to pick up where he left off. This father of 6 is well developed and capable of developing a new trend of Rap music to the industry. With a unique stage presence, this make up artist, brings a very special live performance that is not meant for the weak of heart. With over the top stage props, monsters and ghouls dancing in the background, and basically bringing a horror movie to life in front of your eyes.

Bounce Ball Boogie 011017_06

After many underground releases and touring. Bounce Ball Boogie that has built quite a name for himself as an upcoming rap artist. We sat down with this unique and charismatic artist to find out how he puts the bounce with the boogie.

Where are you from?

From the heart of The Box State (Denver, Colorado)

How long have you been practicing your craft?

Officially learned that I had a voice with the ability to read words with style, bring story telling to life, and was able to paint a picture in your brain was in 1994. That was when I new that I was going to be a rap artist. So since that time I was perfecting my craft, learning rhyme schemes, and developing my message as an artist.

What made you want to be an artist?

I decided to be an artist to influence people that were raised in a negative environment as I was and to show them that they are not alone. That there are others in this world that have felt the same exact way, and no matter what situation that we find ourselves in there is support available. Attract those in the darkness and guide them to the light…. #FOLLOWTHEBOUNCINGBALL

Describe your first time performing?

Growing up my grandfather was a mariachi singer and guitar player. He was the one to help me in developing my vocals and getting me involved in local talent shows in the community where I would perform a freestyle rap to his guitar playing. At the time I had no idea that was called “free styling”, at the time it was me just having fun and doing what made me feel free.

What music or artist influenced you?

Mexican (Mariachi) music influenced my writing allot because my grandparents would interpret the words, and allot of it was story telling of the tragedies that they experienced on a personal level. Whether it was heart break, loss of a loved one, getting in fights, falling in love, achieving goals, and was allot of personal expression. Dr. Dre, “The Chronic” was the first rap album that I ever heard fell in love with that style, so that would be what I started mimicking but what inspired the style that you hear today was Esham, Insane Clown Posse, Jonathan Davis of Korn, and Corey Taylor of Slipknot. These vocalists were all great story tellers, and have helped me through rough times in my personal life.

Earliest memory involving music?

I was always surrounded by music from my family. Whether be my grandparents with the mariachi music, my mother with the 80’s pop/hip-hop music, or my father with the heavy metal thrash music. Oldies but goodies were also a major influence of my life but that has a story of its own, that will be hard to talk about but I do plan to do so, one day!

How did music influence you growing up?

Music has shown positives and also negatives in my life. I learned that there would be a song for almost every situation. Whether it be a song to reminisce of the past, hype yourself up for a competition, or to help focus your mind with no words at all for meditation purposes. The biggest influence would of music would be a medication that would helps my mental state, and I am sure also helps yours. When your mad or sad you play your favorite song to help you cope or forget about the negative element that has plagued your way of thinking. I attempt to stir my music to be positive as possible but I also have to let loose my thoughts, desires, and negatives that dwell in my thought process to relieve myself.

How would you best describe your music?

The best description of my music would be an oracle of reality, an expression of negative thoughts, with lessons of what was or has been learned. As a father I often find myself warning my kids of mistakes that I made or describe the consequences of the bad decision that I made to help prevent them from making the same mistake. Although all of us have our path and destiny to achieve, I understand that I will not be able to stop everyone from making that bad choice, but at that point would serve as a reflection or a sign to the listener that the warnings were right in front of them. With goals to open there train of thought and prepare them for upcoming songs!

What do you think is the biggest misconception you hear about your music?

That I am influencing evil deeds or accused of promoting violence. I was once told by a popular artist that I would be unstoppable if I would just diversify myself from the, “HorrorCore” realm of rap music and ever since then I have been working on doing just that. My life has been filled with pain, anger, and frustration that you would hear allot in my first EP, “The Misguided”. I find it so hard to be stuck in the same routine everyday in which allot of day to day people find themselves in doing the same thing everyday at the same time. As I grow older and become more aware of my surroundings and start to find answers to questions that I was asking myself as a child, I find myself maturing as an artist but also bringing more of a powerful message.

What is your typical songwriting process like?

I must be attracted to the instrumental. The instrumental will touch a part of my soul in which will trigger the proper words to express to tell the story of the emotion that was brought to my thoughts. I find it very important to create a wonderful relationship with the producer for my songs that I create. I started using my own production with the use of beat machines being that I refused to learn computer programs to keep that old school feel. I had to make myself adapt with the new age so I began to reach out to producers and did not have much of a budget to work with. So that lead me to working my life away, and reaching out to producers to work with me and split royalties. I failed, so I signed up with joined what they called, “The Inner Circle” and learned allot of music industry education and there were my first official music video was born, “Ryd’n Chevy’z” filmed by www.flawlessmusicvideos.comsee it here but this beat was a lease and I learned that I was unable to get streaming money off of youtube and I learned it took hundreds if not thousands dollars to gain an exclusive beat. So I went to social media and the universe brought a young man to my attention by the name of, “Savage Sol”. We made a remix of a song that I recorded with the rap group, “Axe Murder Boyz” back in 2002 and made it sound more modernized. This sparked the start of a beautiful relationship after achieving success online with this song being one of the top streamed songs currently out in the market. Savage Sol moved from the state of NY to CO to work directly with me to create the music you hear today and released my official debut album, “G.R.E.e.D.”

How did you come up with the song “She Devilz FT. Str8 Kash”?

This song was influenced by the movie, “50 shades of Grey”. I wanted to make a song expressing the sex life that I enjoy with my own wife and provoke very exotic thoughts to reflect actions of the movie. I reached out to a more famous emcee from Miami, FL and featured him on this track by the name of, “Str8 Kash”. To this date would be my most famous feature by an established artist within the industry.

What made you decide to release this song as a single?

I Decided to release this song on its own instead of attaching it to an album only because I feel this song is very powerful, exotic, and can very well become a classic played in exotic clubs across the world.

What can you tell us about your album “G.R.E.e.D”?

My Debut album, “G.R.E.e.D” (God’s Revenge Excites every Demon) would be the first to a series of albums dedicated to telling one story. A story that every human mortal will experience during there time on this planet.This series of albums have been planned since the year of 2005. This series of albums has also inspired to a series of books that would be written by me (Bounce Ball Boogie) to go hand & hand with the albums making the music the soundtrack to the books. All in due time…

What do you think is the vibe of the album?

My attempt was to guide the listener out of the darkness…You’ll hear the intro that tells the story of “GREeD” and sets the tone, and instantly begins to poke at the beast within. Towards the end of the album you will feel the uplifting!

What do you hope fans and listeners take from it?

“REALIZATION” all of us living human mortals have experienced Greed in one way or another. Sharing is caring, take the time to lift your neighbor without having to be asked. Visit or call your loved ones because you truly care about  there well being. There are so many distractions set up to the rat race of the world, its very easy to forget the simple things in life, that we all cherish so much. Now call your mother, and say I Love You!

Do you have any shows coming up?

I just performed/hosted an event for “Baby Easy” “E3” in Denver in which was a sold out event. Currently my live performance on facebook is getting a great response. Next will be doing the same for the, “UGKidz” the youngest son of the legendary Pimp-C (Yung Pimp) and his partner (Trilla Tra) carry the tradition of the UGK. They kick off there, Reincarnation Tour in Denver on March 9th. After this event, I will dedicate myself to new music, shooting new music videos, and getting more involved with other radio stations other than my own.

What is the best way for fans to get in contact with you? will link you to everything!

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