Jess – Why? – SoundCloud

When asked about her new single Jess had these words to say:

Well basically I feel like Ive gotten to a better place mentally and in life in general. I feel like Im able to tap into my creativity and express myself better with this new album

Having released one ep with 6 tracks and 4 solo tracks, Jess has been working hard on a follow up project between her busy touring schedule and real life as a mom.  After only recording for two years, Jess has had the opportunity to work with industry notable, Komplex, responsible for the sound behind Horseshoe Gang and Crooked I, as well as Marissa Simpson her singer/songwriter partner at Black Roses Music.   

Jess recently had the honor of opening at The New Orleans Jazz Fest.  Performing in front of such artists as Stevie Wonder, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, and Meghan Trainor, whose song “Like I’m gonna loose you” Jess also covered and performed as part of her set.   Check out her new single here, from her forth coming album.
Jessica Davis-Why?

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