Raised X Wolves: Marked by Wolves

Been a while since I posted a review on my own site.  Been out here in these skreets, growing in numbers, networking, making it worth your while to read my shit.  Thanks for staying interested.

Today, I bring you some straight fire coming from Cincinnati.  Raised X Wolves is composed of Cincinnati natives Sharp One and Travis Touchdown.  Both of which are vets to the hiphop game.  And if you are unfamiliar with them, you need to be.  They bring real hip-hop to the table.

This project opens with the most comedic intro to a serious project I have ever experienced.  I don’t listen to y’alls music.  I experience it.  I put on my headphones and ride it on repeat when its a good project.  Throughout the album, ever present, is the mark of a real lyricist.  There is word play, metaphors, double entandre’s.  Who ever taught these men how to use the english language needs to be saluted.

For those of you that follow my writing, you know I do reviews different on each site I write on.  This deserves honorable mention and will be added to other sites in the manner I do reviews for them.  Watch for the track by track break down on The Write Reviews with the home boy Warren Peace.


ΩΔΦ….That’s 5 stars in The Frat



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