Sleep AKA The Cousin of Death

Sleep, born Jeremy Spencer, on April 21, 1984 is the founding member of The Fraternity.  In other words, he is The President, The Grand Supreme, God, The Eye in the Triangle.  Born in Cincinnati, he grew up in Lockland and Mt. Healthy districts of the city.  With his release of Lockland 95, Sleep began picking up steam on a national level with singles like Jeremy and Duke.  Before the release of Lockland 95, he released tracks as single projects, not to be listed on any of his albums or EPs.  Some of those single include Leonidas and How To Rob.

Working together with Eye Kue the Vandal and producer extraordinaire, The Dope Antelope, The Fraternity followed up Sleep’s success with the EP, The Pale Horse.  Gaining more steam and followers, The Fraternity began growing in numbers, not just in membership, but in supporters.  Today, Sleep is respected by other members of The Fraternity as the leader, even though nothing is official and Sleeps view that they are all equals.

Music isn’t the end of Sleeps career as an entertainer, through filming videos, he has proven himself to be a formidable actor.  He has guest appearances on Podcasts and even has his own radio show which he hosts with Leo Bishop, who is not a member of The Fraternity, but is an associate.  In Sleeps world view, the associates and supporters of The Fraternity are the real BackBone of this movement.  Without them, none of his success would be possible.

Keeping an eye on his family and children, Sleeps sole reason for doing music is to give his children the life he never had and always dreamed of.  You can find him on Facebook as Sleep the fraternity Fraternity.  Engage him in conversation.  He is as real as this screen you are looking at.  Full of social commentary and awareness.  Check his videos out.  Check out his website Lockland95. Check out his music at Bandcamp.


Check a review on his newest release here

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