Chi Money comes to us from Chattanooga, TN.  With a strong musical background, Chi has been writing songs most of his life and recording for 10 yrs.  After a rocky path in Chicago lead him back home to Tennessee at the age of 19, Chi decided to get serious about his music.  He enlisted in rap battles online on a site called  Taking the criticism he received as advice, he developed, over time, into the artist we have today.

Inspired by life and several close calls with death, Chi sees things through new eyes.  Music isn’t just something he enjoys doing, it has become a need for him to produce music.  It is this need that drives him.  He doesn’t seek recognition, money, or fame.  The reward he receives is the messages from fans and supporters that his music has effected in a positive way.

Before becoming a member of The Fraternity at the end of 2015, Chi had worked with all the original members of The Fraternity on various projects over the years.  He even released a project called “The Hunger Game” around the same time Sleep and former      II Man Cypher partner, Cocaine Chris, released their project called “The Hunger Games.”

To him, The Fraternity is a group of highly talented individuals with a work ethic like no other.  Every member of The Fraternity is innovative, creative.  Proud to be a member of The Fraternity, Chi understands what Brotherhood means and will do whatever needs to be done to help his Fraternity Brothers meet and exceed their personal goals.


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