ProFound: Adrian Pierce Experience(APE)

Profound is an up and coming hip-hop artist from Cincinnati.  Signed to Khimera Records, ProFound produced this project entirely on his own.  Using a wide range of sounds, his musical influences vary and can be felt throughout the project.  It is my pleasure to review this album.  I will only expose a few tracks here though. I don’t want to ruin your “Experience.”

Track One: Experience

The First track opens with an explosion of lyrical realness.  Blowing the track away with writing technicalities, ProFound employs a large vocabulary and an arsenal of metaphors.  The beat selection here is well suited for what I feel the purpose is.

Track Five: The Prize

Opening with some smooth jazz vibes, his lyrics mesh well here.  The hook is a perfect contrast to the rest of the track, vocally.  His use of complex rhyme schemes surpasses what one would expect to come from an underground artist, but that’s because most people don’t know that the underground is where real hip-hop lives.

Track Six: Khimera Cypher 20XX

This track is included in my review simply because it is a cypher.  If you don’t know what a cypher is, it is a collection of artists rapping over one track with no hook/chorus.  This is a fine display of what the Khimera camp has to offer as far as lyricism.  Each artist shows themselves to be proficient at writing critical bars.  The beat features more smooth jazz piano mixed with some up-tempo drum selections.

Track 15: Outro

Excellent way to close out this album.  This track exemplifies his love, not just for his craft, but for his people.  The metaphors here are rich and endearing.  The most memorable line from this track is “Love doesn’t end just because the relationship does.”  He employs jazz horns here, creating a different feel from the rest of the project.  Not that it doesn’t fit with the album, as this album is a showcase of his versatility as an artist.


Overall, this album is highly recommended to the reader and any hip-hop head out there.

4.5 Stars (Always room for growth and development)


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