“All Men Must Die….But You First” by Sleep Album Review

Let me first say that it is imperative that you get this album.  And I don’t mean buy it.  I mean really get the album.  Like the rest of Sleep’s catalogue, this album will go down in hip-hop history.  Each track is a metaphor.  Each track has layers upon layers of meaning.  So let me again reiterate that you really have to get the album.  This is deep on some biblical warnings level, “For those with the ears to hear, and the eyes to see.”

Featured tracks include the All Men Must Die, Summer Camp, and The Great Come Up.  Those tracks stand apart from the rest, but do not discount the value of the remainder.  As with all of Sleep’s albums, they are meant to be taken in their entirety for the meaning to be apart.

Track One: All Men Must Die (Dues est morta)

Opening with a narration by none less than God, Sleep comes in heavy as always with the pen game destroying the beat.  Lyrically, this song is well written and contains many technicalities that most main stream artists are afraid to utilize.  The content, however, is just as important as the actual delivery.  Listen closely to every word.  Understand the many meanings of the words he employs.

Track Two: Summer Camp (Tertium Reich)

On the surface this appears to be your typical street rap.  But if you listen to the ad libs, the real meaning will be more apparent.  I’m not giving it up for you, you have to get the album yourself.

Track Six: The Great Come Up (Patrium Exitium)

The key feature of this song is the feeling it induces in my.  The beat and the hook make this track stand apart for the emotionally stirring nature.  Again, Key Phrases and subtle metaphors will expose the real meaning of this song.

All in all, this is one of Sleeps best albums.  After hearing this masterpiece, I’m eagerly waiting for a greatest hits project.


5 Stars


Get the album on iTunes here.


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