To Shoot and Kill: The New World Order

I am appalled by what is happening in this video and across America.  This goes beyond race issues.  This isn’t about black/white.  This is about police abusing their power, going well beyond what is fair and acceptable.  I am not denying that the black communities feel the sting more harshly than other communities, only stating that this is about us against them not us against us.



It is passed time that the average American citizen, which statistically speaking, is a woman of ethnicity, stands up for our rights.  It is passed time that we come together and fight for the changes we all need.  Social injustice effects us all.  Those overly trained weapons can be turned on a white man just as easily.  Or your children, your wife, your friends.

We can’t continue to be bullied.  We must do something.  Now.



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