Music Review: Chi-Money Orchestrated Chaos

Another Fraternity member bringing us straight fire, Chi-Money comes to The Takeover from Chattanooga, TN.  Orchestrated Chaos is his sixth full length project (not including singles and compilations of singles, there’s a few of those too).  With a music background that extends back to childhood, and a pen game that goes back 10 or more years, it’s no wonder Chi-Money came fully loaded with this release.

This album is not for casual listeners of hip-hop.  This album is for real hip-hop heads that grew up in the golden age of the art form.  Metaphors, wordplay, punchlines.  Delivery is at a critical level here, showing exactly why he was invited to join the ranks of The Fraternity.

With tracks like “How it Got Like This,” “Don’t Fxck Around,” and “American I,” Chi-Money separates himself from the rest of the underground hip-hop game flawlessly.  His lyrical skills are highlighted through out the project but these tracks stand out above the rest.  Production is on point.  Beat matches the feel.  Delivery is top-notch. I’m excited to see what else this cat brings to The Frat House in the future.


Standing ovation.  4 Stars





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