Current state of hip-hop is disappointing to many

I don’t know what is going on in the rap game these days but, I’m almost embarrassed to be a fan of a once great art form.  It used to be like Ruth’s Chris.  Now it’s like the dollar menu at any fast food burger joint.  We need artists like the guys at the Slaughterhouse camp (Joe Budden, Crooked Eye, Royce Da 5’9, Joell Ortiz).  We need guys like The Fraternity ( Sleep, Loose Logic, Chi-Money, Jus Ra, S.H.A.D.O.W., Frank Knight, Scriptz, Xavier Medina).  We need the battles back.  We need epic bars.  Forget about the beat.  Tell me a story.  Teach me something.  Let me see your life.  That’s what I want out of hip-hop.

Hip-hop fans today, are so ratchet and fickle it makes me sick.  This Joe Budden/Drake beef has really opened my eyes to how much the fan really is to blame for the current state of hip-hop.  This years “Freshman Class’ from XXL makes me even sicker.  What has hip-hop become?  I long for the golden age of rap to come back.

In the mean time, check out this EP from my guy Sleep The Fraternity.  This is why I still listen to hip-hop.


One thought on “Current state of hip-hop is disappointing to many”

  1. The dollar menu is slowly killing its consumer.
    that is a great simile, one can only hope that the hip hop side of that comparison follows suit.
    Artists like Sleep, people like yourself and blogs like annexx513 help shine a spotlight on what is missing in our genre of music, and even if just a little bit at a time create a pathway for its return.
    I am 36 so I have been around a while, in the early 2000’s I was always at Top Cats on Wednesday nights participating and watching the battles, I have been a huge fan of wordplay, punchlines, metaphors, and lyrical content when it comes to Hip Hop.
    After the rise of the “dirty south” I realized that the average consumer was no longer entertained, or even interested for that matter in substance.
    All the rap fans needed was a polished beat, a catchy hook, and they were happy.
    As a long time writer, and even as a fan I had pretty much gave up on HipHop, until one day a couple years back on Facebook I happened to stumble across a video.
    I can’t remember the title of the song but it was sleep’s track about the kid with a cutting issue.
    After watching that video for the first time I immediately watched it again and listened closer, I regained hope that like everything else, HipHop and what it had become could run its course and quality quite possibly could make a comeback.
    I picked back up my pen, and got back to writing because I want to be ready when it does.
    You see, if we come together and support the artists, demand substance, and let the rest fall on Deaf ears we can dictate what’s in demand.
    What helped the south blow up and decide the direction of future HipHop, Was one thing, and it’s available in every city, and in every genre of music
    We as individuals come together and lift each other up, help one another grow, and always support
    Then we can have our music back.
    The slightest change in direction makes the biggest difference the further down the road we get.
    Thank you for doing your part.

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