Loose Logic Loosid Dreams Vol 1

Loose Logic first appeared in the underground hip-hop world in 2010 with his release Logistics.  Loosid Dreams, his second release, was hosted by DJ Rampage and DJ Ill Will.  He has released a total of six albums to date.  Recently, he participated in Murder Musick’s “So You Think You Can Rap” contest. Loose is a member of “The Fraternity,” an up-and-coming hip-hop super group, with a skill level ready to rival Slaughterhouse.  On first listen, he has the chopper skills of legends like Tech Nine and Eminem, lyrical ability of guys like Nas or Andre 3000.  On the second listen, he is in a league all his own.



After an introduction to the hosts and artist, Loose comes in chopping heavy rhymes so fully articulated it is easy to understand.  There is no question what he is saying.  His speed coupled with proper enunciation makes for great delivery.


Mr. Officer

Great rhyme schemes coupled with a sing-song hook, make for an enjoyable track. The content is easy to relate to for anyone that has ever been arrested at a traffic stop.  Not to mention the social commentary present in the track, specifically about police harassment and the over use of profiling in what is called “police work.”

Beat Down

This track seems to be a reply the media and critics of music that have no grounds to judge music from and then hide behind their publication. Lyrical ability is showcased in this song in his delivery.  He uses his voice as another instrument to add to the beat.


No One Man (Power Remix)

I’m just going to leave this track alone.  I can’t say anything about this track at all.  If you are a rapper, this is your song.  Trying to get a deal, this is your song.


Can’t Change Me (ft S.H.A.D.O.W. and Real Deal)

The first track with features, and he chooses two lyricists that compliment his style.  The content is consistent through the features and his own verse.


Punches, Metas, Multis (Beamer, Benz, Bentley Remix)

Although not a fan of remixes, myself, this track proves to further showcase his lyrical ability.  The further into the album, I delve, the better it seems to get. Every bar seems to flow naturally, nothing is forced.  Metaphors are clear and precise.  Punch lines are comedic.


Forever (Remix)

Although a short track, and a remix, he does what he came to do on this beat, out rap the original artists on it.  Impressed doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling this track left me with.


The Results

I am going to stop the track by track breakdown here since there are over twenty songs.  The review begins here.


Loose Logic, Loosid Dreams Vol.1, is an album for real hip-hop heads.  For him to be putting out this quality of work at this stage in his career is phenomenal.  Being the second release from him, I look forward to see what he does in the future.

Full of metaphors, and complicated rhyme schemes, this album is a thesaurus.  It isn’t a music album.  It is a collection of words unlike anything you will experience again in your life…unless he continues to develop at the rate he seems to be going.  Rhymes flow naturally.  Features compliment his work perfectly, they don’t out shine him in anyway.  Loose Logic is proving himself to be, not just a rap artist, but a song writer.  He understands music theory in a way unlike rap artists.  A true musician.



Check it out for yourself here



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